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Title : Slip Rugs #1 Dub Plate

"From the starting point of the face of that work, to the next starting point."

I hope that this will be an opportunity for someone somewhere to look at another cultural music culture that has been nurtured on the streets over a long period of time and that they have not yet encountered. This is the strong hope of Upsetters®︎.

The next baton begins with this work. And I sincerely hope that the promised place of our culture will develop further.

The point that the intangible cultural asset is an object that only those who should possess it and as a sound source is dispelled, and it dares to be made tangible and diffused. This is Inside Art Bomb, a place that is at the center of music and has the potential to expand through online social networking sites and that you will see in your daily life.

I wanted to create a work that would always be there physically, that would remain and be told about.

The hope and potential in the future beyond which this SlipRugs #1 Dub Plate face has been disseminated is built into the UX (user experience).

Someone somewhere will be connected to a musical culture they have not yet encountered. Upsetter®︎ sincerely hopes that you will connect your beloved memories and experiences like a baton. (It would be nice to have at least one person who takes this approach.)

And there is always our Mr. Music.

One Life, To Live. Be bold.

To you, somewhere, from Tokyo Japan.

by JET (Founder / Product owner)

Upsetters®︎ “the Product First” New era New origin Tokyo.

Vinyl record x Art x Reggae culture



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